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Bucket list gets created to fill the gap between working, taking care of families, business and enjoying our passion. Most middle aged men, with passion for motorcycle travel, have little time off to enjoy our hobby and passion. There is when BucketList comes in. We provide your motorcycle transport to any location in the continental US. Arrange your lodging, meals and tracks, so you and your friends can fly in, nice a fresh to enjoy your trip.


This allows you to carry less weight on your motorcycle so you can focus on the beauty and challenges of the terrain on that special place you want to ride before you leave this planet. Life is short and we only control the present


Our transport trailer is equipped with tools, air compressor, but better yet, we can bring your spear parts, motorcycle consumables, or easy to break parts so you don’t have to worry about not being able to complete the trip. 

We have the capability to have our trailer follow your route as close as possible in an event of a mishap. 


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Giving Back


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Ignacio Laviosa
(AKA Nacho)

With 22 years of enduro and motocross racing under his belt, has accumulated a great deal of experience to be our lead enduro and offroad guide. His passion for motorcycles has endured beyond multiple injuries to keep his passion alive. He loves to teach his tricks on how to handle your motorcycle depending on the terrain no matter the ciscurtances.

To add to his repertoire, he is also a remarkable cook, with recipes that will make you come back, just for the food. Very attentive to details with a great sense of humor will make you laugh until the day ends. 


  • 2019 Florida Trail Riders (FTR) enduro champion, 

  • 2015 and 2019 Baja 500 racer.

  • 2019 Iron butt member (1240 miles in one day)

Cenair Gonzalez
(AKA Senna)

Cenair Gonzalez with 30 years of adventure motorcycling experience, with a total of 150 K miles traveled thus far, he’s the logistics guru of our team, in charged of motorcycle setup, riding gear, GPS routes, hotels logistics, border crossing tour route planning and tours  schedules planning.


He loves skydiving, scuba diving and long distance motorcycle travels, getting to see new remote places only a few people in their lifetime could dream of seeing.

02 - Cenair.png
03 - Alex.png
Alejandro Rodriguez
(AKA Alex)

The macgyver of team, metal fabricator, mechanic, photographer, and a laugh that will make you smile when you go over that difficult obstacle you thought you couldn’t make. He’s an extremely good rider On-road and Off-road. His passion for motorcycles goes back decades where he used to run track on his Suzuki GSX 1000, later switching to Adventure riding with the passion for off road and adventure.


Alex has traveled the world all his life, allowing him to speak French, English and Spanish fluently, and if that is not enough, he loves to cook and he might surprise you with an exotic recipe of his own.

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